EoN.SIS_super_compact_pairwise(S0, I0, SS0, SI0, II0, tau, gamma, k_ave, ksquare_ave, kcube_ave, tmin=0, tmax=100, tcount=1001, return_full_data=False)[source]

Encodes system (5.20) of Kiss, Miller, & Simon. Please cite the book if using this algorithm.

S0 number
initial number susceptible
I0 number
initial number infected
SS0 number
initial number of susceptible-susceptible edges
SI0 number
initial number of susceptible-infected edges
II0 number
initial number of infected-infected edges.
tau positive float
transmission rate
gamma number
recovery rate
k_ave number
average value of degree k
ksquare_ave number
average value of k**2
kcube_ave number
average value of k**3
tmin number (default 0)
minimum report time
tmax number (default 100)
maximum report time
tcount integer (default 1001)
number of reports
return_full_data boolean
tells whether to just return times, S, I, R or all calculated data.
if return_full_data is True
returns times, S, I, SS, SI, II
if return_full_data is False
returns times, S, I
import networkx as nx
import EoN