EoN.Epi_Prob_non_Markovian(Pk, Pxidxi, po, number_its=100)[source]

Encodes system (6.5) of Kiss, Miller, & Simon. Please cite the book if using this algorithm.


Pk dict Pk[k] is probability a node has degree k.

Pxidxi dict
Pxidxi[xi] is P(xi)dxi for user-selected xi. The algorithm will replace the integral with sum_{xi in Pxidxi.keys()} psi(alpha(xi)) Pxidxi(xi)
po a function.
returns p_o(xi), the probability a node will transmit to a random neighbor given xi.
number_its int
number of iterations before assumed converged. default value is 100
PE float
Calculated Epidemic probability (assuming configuration model)