EoN.Attack_rate_non_Markovian(Pk, Pzetadzeta, pi, number_its=100)[source]

Encodes system (6.8) of Kiss, Miller, & Simon. Please cite the book if using this algorithm.

Pk dict
Pk[k] is probability of degree k.
Pzetadzeta a dict.
gives P(zeta)dzeta for user-selected zeta. The algorithm will replace the integral with sum_{zeta in Pzetadzeta.keys()} psi(alpha(zeta)) Pzetadzeta(zeta)
pi a function.
returns p_i(zeta), the probability a node will receive a transmission from random infected neighbor given zeta.
number_its int (default 100)
number of iterations before assumed converged.
default value is 100
AR float
attack rate
Comments:Because of the symmetry for epidemic probability, this works by simply calling Epi_Prob_non_Markovian.