Welcome to Epidemics on Networks’s documentation!

EoN (Epidemics on Networks) is a Python module that provides tools to study the spread of SIS and SIR diseases in networks.

Support EoN:

MIT License: See license.txt for full details.


EoN is based on the book

Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks: from Exact to Approximate Models

EoN is built on top of NetworkX. Its repository is on github. EoN’s tools fall into two broad categories:

  • Stochastic simulation of SIS and SIR disease
    • Event-based simulation
      • much faster than traditional Gillespie simulation
      • allows weighted graphs
      • allows non-Markovian dynamics
    • Gillespie algorithms for Markovian dynamics
      • Through some careful optimization the unweighted SIS/SIR versions are comparable to the event-based simulation.
      • The weighted version is slower, but still reasonably fast.
      • There are methods for generic simple contagions and generic complex contagions.
    • discrete-time (synchronous update) models
    • tools for visualizing and animating simulated epidemics.
  • Numerical solvers for ODE models
    • pair approximation models
    • effective degree models
    • edge-based compartmental models